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Narxoz University offers a unique opportunity for Kazakhstani students to earn two diplomas at the university in France. Students will have additional opportunities for global internships, continued master's degree studies and possible career options abroad
Choose a double degree and get...
You will get full support from Narxoz University and the overseas university staff regarding the visa and admission processes, enrollment, academic advising, student life, career development, and more.*
Financial Savings
The double degree program allows you to save up to 40 000 USD over the four-year program while gaining a priceless global experience.*
Two diplomas
You will get an officially accredited Kazakhstani diploma and a French diploma from La Rochelle Excelia Group*
Global Career Opportunites
You will get an authentic global experience which will help you stand out in the global workforce, including increased opportunities to intern or work in international companies abroad. Upon graduation from La Rochelle University you will have the right to intern in EU or continue onto master's degree studies
About La Rochelle
La Rochelle's school of Tourism and Hospitality - is the only school in France which was awarded by international certificate TedQual (UN WTO) for a high quality of study program. The school is a partner of French Institute of Tourism.

According to L'Etudiant magazine, Bachelor in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management program was admitted the best among other hospitality studying programs.
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality
Program goals:

  • acquisition of professional knowledge in the field of tourism and hotel business
  • training in management and planning skills, new approaches in digital marketing and communication strategies
  • international internship to understand all aspects of hotel and restaurant business management
  • training of globally-oriented managers for the development of the global and local tourism market
    • The student must complete 2 years of undergraduate studies in Tourism and Hospitality at Narxoz University
    • Minimum cumulative GPA: 3.0
    • Minimum IELTS 6.0 by the end of the fifth semester to enter La Rochelle Excelia Group
    • Meet the basic admission requirements of both universities.

    The School of Tourism and Hospitality La Rochelle is recognized in the tourism industry internationally and in 2009 was the first among French schools to receive TedQual certification for all programs.

    Membership of the CFET (Conférence des formations d'Excellence au tourisme) is a guarantee of quality and helps to promote French tourism programs internationally.
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    The content on this webpage is subject to La Rochelle University formalizing the Global Double Degree Agreement with Narxoz University. Narxoz University has made and continues to make all reasonable efforts to deliver the programs of study in the way, and at the time, described on this website. Narxoz University will not be held liable for any associated, ancillary or incidental damages resulting from non-admission of a student to the program due to a student's failure to meet the English language and visa-related requirements. Furthermore, Narxoz University reserves liability arising from changes in the program tuition fee, as it is subject to external influences. Neither La Rochelle University nor Narxoz University promise employment or guarantees that French legislation will not be modified in the future. Narxoz University bears no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on any information given in this tentative launch of a dual-degree program.