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Narxoz University encourages all undergraduate and graduate students to study, intern, and research abroad. Students have several opportunities to participate in one of 50 different short-term and year-long programs in 23 countries.
Education abroad is for everyone from any background and on any academic or career path. Stand out from the crowd once you graduate by adding an experience abroad to your resume and demonstrate you can thrive in a global environment.
The benefits of going abroad are endless and enrich your university experience by increasing your:
Language skills
International networks
Global awareness
Hands-on learning
Adaptability and agility
Intercultural competence
Leadership skills
Cognitive flexibility and problem solving skills
Preparedness for the global workforce
Narxoz abroad experiences are coordinated by the International Development and Partnerships Office, which supports students before, during, and after their experiences abroad to maximize intercultural learning, meet academic and university requirements, promote safety and health, and help students contribute as responsible global citizens in the communities they join — wherever they are in the world.
Narxoz students of all academic disciplines have the opportunity to go abroad in 23 countries on three continents. View the full list of study abroad locations and universities.
Study Abroad Locations
Czech Republic
South Korea
One semester/term to one year (approximately three to 12 months)
Application Deadlines
Students should start the application process at least two months before the application process to allow enough time to complete all steps.
Fall semester:
April 1
Spring semester:
October 1
Summer term:
February 1
Eligibility Requirements
Through planning ahead of time, we can work with you to match you with the right program to meet your academic and professional goals. Eligibility requirements vary by program, so meet with one of our Narxoz international coordinators to review the details of specific programs to ensure that you are eligible to participate. Basic requirements for all students include:
Full-time student
Have completed at least one semester of undergraduate or graduate study at the time of application
Have an appropriate level of language proficiency needed to effectively live and study in the country applying for (A language assessment may be required. For English-speaking countries, language proficiency at the B2 level or above is required)
GPA of 3.0 or higher
Complete all application requirements by the given deadlines
No financial or academic debts with the university
Learn more about the application and selection process, costs and financial aid, preparation to go abroad, and resources for while you are abroad and when you return.
Application and Selection Process
Applicants will work with an international coordinator in the International Development and Partnerships Office throughout the application process. It is important for applicants to check their Narxoz email account often for important updates and notifications.
Make an appointment to meet with an international coordinator to review your goals for going abroad and make a plan for the application process: EMAIL
Application Process
Apply to go abroad:
Collect, complete, and upload all documents at one time to your Narxoz Portal - Education Abroad section:
Transcript (issued by the Narxoz Student Services Center; lobby of the Zhandosova Campus)
Passport identity page copy
Two passport-style photos 3x4 (for pasting on profiles)
Two letters of recommendation (from professors or deans)
Language proficiency certificate
English-speaking programs: IELTS B2 level or above (Language assessments are available for English in the Narxoz Linguistic Center:, Saina campus, room 15)
Russian-speaking programs: not required
Other languages: requirements vary; check with your international coordinator
Learning Agreement: In coordination with your dean's office and the Narxoz registrar office, you will create an academic plan for the coursework you will complete while abroad to ensure a transparent and efficient preparation of the program abroad, as well as to agree on how activities successfully completed abroad will be recognized at Narxoz. The Learning Agreement will outline how many credits you are required to take abroad and how they will transfer back for credit towards your graduation requirements. It may be required for the agreement to be signed by your host institution abroad as well, confirming alignment of all academic expectations and credit transfer.
Special requirements:
Medical certificate (form 082): All applicants are required to submit this after passing the selection process.
ERASMUS+ Inter-institutional Agreement: Applicants to any ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Program must complete the agreement with the host institution and your Narxoz international coordinator.
Military Student Approval: Students of the military department must also meet with the head of the military department to review the Learning Agreement and create an additional individual plan as a military student. This plan does not need to be submitted for this with your education abroad application but should be agreed upon with the head of the military department.
Mandatory academic requirements:
Fall programs: If you have annual mandatory academic requirements, they must be completed during the summer semester before departure for the fall semester.
Spring programs: If you have annual mandatory academic requirements, they must be completed during the fall semester before departure for the spring semester or you can complete them during the summer semester before or after your education abroad program.
Internships: Meet with your dean's office to complete any additional requirements for internship abroad approval. These documents do not need to be submitted for this with your education abroad application but should be agreed upon with the dean's office.
All of these documents must be submitted complete by the above stated deadlines in your Narxoz Portal - Education Abroad section. Contact your international coordinator anytime throughout the process for support.
Selection Process
After completing the application process, all applicants will be contacted by their international coordinator to go through the following selection process:
Individual interview (face to face): The interview will help the selection committee determine the abilities and knowledge of the candidate. The committee may include vice-rectors, department heads, staff members, an English instructor, and/or a student council representative.
If limited spots are available on a program, the selection committee will choose the top applicants who meet all qualifications. Applicants not selected for their first choice university can be considered for their second or third choice university.
Within two weeks after the interview, applicants will receive an email notification with the admission decision.
Special Conditions for ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Programs
Participation in the ERASMUS+ programs is possible at bachelor, master or doctorate levels. Narxoz and the host institution must have an ERASMUS+ inter-institutional agreement. The period of study in a foreign university should correspond to the specialty and educational program in the Narxoz university. You must pass a competitive selection according to the criteria developed by partner universities.
Costs & Financial Assistance
Participating in education abroad is an investment in your future. Like any investment, it requires careful planning and management. However, the personal, academic, and professional rewards that you will gain from this experience will last a lifetime.

It is important to carefully consider costs, budgets and financing when selecting and preparing for your experience abroad, even though many programs provide scholarships.
Exchange Programs
On exchange programs, students do not pay for tuition at the host university. However, students are responsible for paying 20% of the Narxoz tuition fee (unless he or she is a state grant-holder), airfare, local transportation, accommodation, meals, books, supplies and other personal needs.
ERASMUS+ Programs
On ERASMUS+ programs, students do not pay for tuition at the host university and students receive a monthly scholarship (approximately 800-900 EUR depending on the host country), as well as reimbursement of travel costs based on the distance between the sending and host universities. However, students are responsible for paying 20% of the Narxoz tuition fee (unless he or she is a state grant-holder), local transportation, accommodation, meals, books, supplies and other personal needs.
All Other Programs
On other programs, such as the Coventry University Summer School, students are responsible for paying for all costs mentioned above, including the host university's tuition.

Preparing an Education Abroad Budget
The following resources will help you choose a program within your budget and help you accurately prepare a budget for your time abroad. If you are concerned about finances, you may want to consider education abroad in a city that has a lower cost of living. If you have already made a decision about where to go abroad, knowing the cost of living information can still be incredibly helpful as you create a budget for your time abroad.
Can help you calculate and find cost of living information for cities around the world. This site will also allow you to compare living costs in different cities, which may help you decide on a location or compare your upcoming education abroad location to your current expenses in Almaty.
Can assist you in budgeting your expenses for your trip abroad through currency conversion. Planning ahead to determine how many pounds or euros or reals or yen your tenge will yield will help you create an overall budget.
Financial Assistance
Narxoz Global Scholarships
ERASMUS+ Programs
As mentioned above, these programs provide a monthly scholarship and reimbursement for transportation to and from Almaty to the host institution. Admission to ERASMUS+ programs is competitive. See the Application & Selection Process section for details.
Resources for Your Experience
Preparing to Go Abroad
Going abroad transforms lives…