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Narxoz Faculty
This program is designed for Narxoz faculty to teach at the foreign partner university in the frame of Erasmus+ Credit mobility for faculty. Narxoz University collaborators with a number of European Universities who are willing to exchange knowledge and share experience and happy to welcome Narxoz outstanding teachers. The International Development and Partnership office announces a call from our partner university and arranges an internal selection of those faculty who will be willing to teach abroad for a week on a special topic (it may be an International week or a general visit).
Benefits for teaching abroad:
it expands your networking
allows a teacher to plunge into a foreign academic environment
learn and grow
Benefits for Narxoz University:
helps Narxoz University to internationalize
increase awareness
For foreign faculty interested in coming to Narxoz under the Erasmus+ faculty exchange program, click here.
Requirements and documents for Kazakhstani faculty:
CV in English
Plan of lectures for 8 classes for mobility for 5 days (sample for download)
Selection committee passing
Deadline for application submission — December 1 for spring semester / June 1 for autumn semester
Approval from the university via email
If necessary, apply for a visa.
To participate at Erasmus+ faculty exchange program, it is necessary to collect a package of documents and send scan-copies to