THE Impact Ranking on UN Sustainable Development Goals
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Our commitment to the UN SDGs
Narxoz University is among the world's top 400 impactful universities on the UN Sustainable Development Goals per the Impact Rankings. Times Higher Education (THE), the world's leader on rankings and data of higher education institutions worldwide, facilitates the Impact Rankings which are dedicated to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, with the goal for the world to achieve them by 2030. It was created to assess the contributions of universities worldwide towards the achievement of these goals.
The 2020 prestigious Times Higher Education ranking includes 767 universities from 85 countries. Narxoz University is one of only two universities to place in the rankings out of all approximately 320 universities in Central Asia.
Narxoz' ranking on the contribution to specific Sustainable Development Goals is broken down as follows:
SDG 3:
Promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being: 401+
SDG 4:
Ensuring quality education and promoting learning opportunities for all: 401+
SDG 5:
Gender equality and empowerment: 301+
SDG 7:
Providing access to modern, affordable and clean energy sources: 301+
SDG 8:
Promoting decent work and sustainable economic growth: 301+
SDG 9:
Building strong infrastructure, promoting industrialization, and innovation: 401+
SDG 16:
Promoting peaceful societies, access to justice and accountability: 201+
SDG 17:
Strengthening global partnership for sustainable development: 301+
We believe that universities are our greatest hope of solving some of the world's biggest challenges," says Phil Baty, Chief Knowledge Officer at Times Higher Education. "These rankings prove that traditional barriers to success like (institutional) wealth or research prestige don't matter when it comes to doing great things for sustainability. It's clear that universities give us a lot to be hopeful for.