Arriving at Narxoz: Tips and Insights
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Arriving at Narxoz: Tips and Insights
International Students and Faculty Team will arrange airport pickup services for students if given advanced notice. Alternatively, there are numerous cheap and convenient bus and taxi options for getting from the Almaty Airport to Narxoz. The cheapest transfer option is by public bus (No. 79), which costs only 150 tenge (less than 1 Euro) per person for a one-way ticket. Bus tickets are available for purchase on board (cash only.) It is recommended to ask the bus driver to announce the stop "Narxoz University", which is in front of the university. It takes 1 hour to get to Narxoz by bus (1.5 hours in heavy traffic). The bus is available from 06:35 to 22:40. The fastest option is a taxi, which comes at a cost of approximately 2000 - 3000 tenge It is highly advised to confirm the price of the taxi before commencing the ride to the university. Estimated travel time by taxi is 40-50 minutes. There are several taxi options (Yandex, Uber, Almaty taxi, Lider, EcoTaxi, etc.). To order a taxi you can use a mobile app or call by phone:

Yandex: +7 747 094 00 54 Uber: +7 775 875 5535 Almaty taxi: +7 701 225 27 27 EcoTaxi: +7 777 672 77 77 Lider: +7 (727) 355-0550

All foreigners in the Republic of Kazakhstan must register with the Department of Migration Police Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (OVIR). In order to comply with this requirement, the following documents for temporary registration must be submitted to the visa coordinator within 2 calendar days from the moment of crossing the border:

  • Official passport

  • Documents confirming temporary residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan (rental agreement / order from the hostel)

Registration of foreigners who are in Kazakhstan for the purpose of education, training and (or) internship can be made for up to a year and then renewed, but it may not exceed the period of study, training practice or internship.

NARXOZ offers the following accomodation options to the non-resident students for the period of education:

All nonresident students in need of housing will be accommodated in one of three dormitories. Dormitory buildings are located near the academic buildings, so students do not spend time and money for commuting. Registration for dormitory housing, as well as check-in procedures are done through the Student Service Center.

  • The total area of dorms is 18819,9 sq. m. Building of student dorms correspond to the construction norms and rules. The total design capacity of 3 dorms is 821 beds. Living area per one resident - 6,6 m.

  • All dorms have WiFi Internet. Lounge rooms are equipped with plasma TVs with satellite and local TV.

  • In order to ensure the safety of all residents, video cameras and an access control system (ACS) are installed at the entrances of dormitories.

  • Each dorm room is designed for 2-3 people, and is equipped with beds, bedside tables, ottomans, wardrobes and a refrigerator.

  • Each dorm building has a kitchen, lounge rooms, sports rooms, reception rooms, showers, and laundry rooms equipped with modern appliances - washing and drying machines, Ironing boards and irons.

Upon arrival, international students are encouraged to contact the Student Service Center (tel.: 377-11-18) for advice on how to get to the nearest medical clinic in case of an urgent health matter, as well as more detailed information about the medical centers and clinics in Almaty. There is a first-aid post in the university (room 15 in the building of sport complex located next to the University main building). In case of emergency students should call 103 (free of charge) or +7 727 328 00 03. In terms of primary care clinics, Narxoz recommends the "Mediker Alatau" Medical Center ( and the Republican Family Medical center ( Both clinics provide a wide range of medical services.

Address of Mediker Alatau medical center: 310 Navoi str., Orbita-2. Tel.: +7 (727) 259-73-95, 259-73-96, 259-73-94, +7-707-62-434-62. Email: Working hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 20:00. Saturday: 8:00-14:00

There are ATMs and banks throughout Almaty that accept international cards, but opening a local bank account allows for free ATM withdrawals and easier money transfer and payment options. To open a local bank account, international students are encouraged to contact an International Students and Faculty Team. Generally, to open a bank account, students will need to show their passports and migration cards.
Upon request, International Students and Faculty Team will:

  • Help international students choose and purchase a sim card

  • Open Narxoz email accounts,

  • Connect to campus Wi-Fi.

There are several telecommunications companies that offer a variety of SIM card packages, and SIM cards can be purchased at the local stores and mobile centers. The approximate cost of a cell phone package with 10 GB of internet is approximately 2000 tenge per month.

For getting around:

2GIS is the best and most up-to-date navigation and mapping app. There are several taxi services apps, such as Yandex Taxi and InDriver. You can also use car-sharing service Anytime to rent a car for 19 tenge per minute. If you want to use a public transportation, you can purchase Onay Card, which can be used for all public transportation in Almaty. Download Onay app so that you can use to refill your card, pay for rides with a QR code and to see the routes and locations of the public transportation.

For communicating:

Google Translate is useful for reading labels in Russian or Kazakh, or communicating with non English Speakers. If you want to improve your Russian, you can use Duolingo or Tandem. The most popular apps for communication are WhatsApp and Telegram.

Shopping and food:

To be earn prizes and bonus points when paying with your local banking card, you can download Rahmet app, and link it to your card. To order food delivery you can use one of the following apps: Glovo, Chocofood, YandexEda.

As Almaty is at the high risk for earthquakes, safety instructions and training will be provided to international students upon arrival. Students with any questions or concerns about earthquakes and other safety concerns can ask the International Students and Faculty Team for help connecting with the Narxoz Office of Safety Management.