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Studying at Narxoz
Narxoz Students
In November 2019, Narxoz Global Student Embassy (NGSE) was created with the mission of empowering students to gain the skills they need to join the global workforce, through the coordination of events that connect Narxoz to the global community.
Student members of NGSE will organize engagements with successful professionals and organizations. This could include guest lectures, roundtable discussions, inter-university events, diplomatic excursions, external events, and etc.
Like any embassy,NGSE's members will divided into diplomatic ranks based on their skills, experience, and commitment levels:
NGSE Organizational Structure
What will students get?
Professional negotiation skills
Workshops and funding
New connections and members
Career development
For more information about joining NGSE, follow us on instagram at @ngs_embassy or email to
International Volunteers
Narxoz University's mission is to prepare transformational leaders in business, law and the social sciences through teaching them to communicate, analyze challenges, and create innovative solutions, and thereby contribute to the growth of the Kazakh economy. To that end, Narxoz welcomes international volunteers interested in exchanging essential insights, skills, strategies with Narxoz students and employees. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, so if you believe your skills would align with a position that is different from the ones held by previous volunteers, don't hesitate to propose another idea to our team. You can contact us to express interest in volunteering at
Narxoz Advantage
Narxoz is committed to evolving and preparing students for success in the 21st century and beyond.
Narxoz students have the opportunity to develop professional proficiency in three language positioning them for many job opportunities in the future
Narxoz students receive training to successfully navigate the economy and the job market of the future the ability to combine majors and minors gives students the opportunity to expand their expertise beyond one professional focus
In 2019 Narxoz University began a project to build the most modern campus in Central Asia
University Management
An international team of professionals together with progressive professionals from Kazakhstan are developing such programs that will allow graduates to work in international companies represent the country in the international labor market and attract foreign employers and investors
Social Responsibility
Narxoz annually attracts its own investors, sponsors and partners to encourage those who want to learn and develop programs to support socially vulnerable groups in the community
International Support
The schools of law and social sciences and Narxoz Business School offer students a double degree program with universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia
Success While Abroad
Campus Facilities
Narxoz students have access to the university's two Libraries, located in 2 campus buildings. Library services can be used by using ID-cards. Students can find available books, magazines and other publications in the electronic catalog of the library. Both libraries work from 9.00 to 22.00 on weekdays, from 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturdays, and are closed on Sundays
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